Renewable Integration and Climate Adaptation

APR solutions are helping countries respond to fluctuations in energy supplies as well as enabling the shift to renewable energy by providing grid stability, back-up baseload power, and pursuing hybrid energy solutions.

Peaking Power

APR Energy has successfully designed, installed and operated more than 25 peaking power plants around the globe, helping customers with a cost-effective solution to mitigate peak shaving requirements, improve load management and avoid costly power outages. Designed to run on a variety of fuels, our peaker plants help ensure uninterrupted power during high demand periods, operating at certain times of day or on a seasonal basis.

Benin Power Project | APR Energy

Standby Power

As reliance on renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and hydro power grows so too does the realization that the wind doesn’t always blow, the sun doesn’t always shine, and droughts can severely reduce hydropower reserves. APR Energy’s mobile gas turbines and high-speed reciprocating engines offer a rapid-start capability – with full power in less than 10 minutes – that makes them an ideal complement to intermittent renewable energy sources.

Tasmania Power Plant | APR Energy

Baseload Operation

Widely available and affordable electricity is a cornerstone of economic growth and social stability. APR Energy’s power-dense and fuel-efficient solutions provide the cost-effective, round-the-clock generating capacity needed to power cities and industries, and our 24/7 operations and maintenance support ensures reliable power for homes, hospitals and schools.

Libya Al Furnag Power Plant | APR Energy