Balance of Plant

As part of our full turnkey solution, APR Energy does much more than just generate electricity. We make it easy for our customers by providing a customized and comprehensive balance of plant offering that includes step-up transformers and substations, fuel systems and storage, metering, remote monitoring, and more. The ancillary equipment we provide helps maximize power delivery while minimizing downtime and operating costs.

Civil works

Depending on the needs of the customer, APR Energy can handle all site preparation, including civil work and initial levelling, compacting, and foundation work, as well as perimeter fencing, roadways, lighting, and comprehensive security systems including CCTV and security personnel.

Construction workers prepping power plant site

Fuel systems and storage

We can supply all equipment and systems necessary for fueling the operation of our power generation equipment, including fuel storage, offloading, transfer, quality management and efficiency monitoring Our system includes all piping, pumping, and filtering as well as continuous metering to ensure the performance of the equipment is closely monitored.

Two large fuel storage containers on power plant site

Remote control, monitoring, and diagnostics

Each APR Energy site includes state-of-the-art remote control, monitoring, and diagnostics technology via satellite uplink, along with project specific utility relaying to track oil temperature, coolant temperature, turbo temperature, fuel levels, power relays, and grid information. We supply all protection and operational interfaces and can switch remotely between grid mode or island mode.

Employees remotely monitoring grid information for various power plant sites

Site infrastructure

APR Energy provides all necessary control rooms, offices, workshops and warehousing to maintain optimal operation of the plant. We can also provide mobile housing, water, power and climate control.

APR Energy employees working in on-site control room

Transformation and electrical

At each site, APR Energy provides a complete electrical system to meet all the customer’s design specifications, including design and commissioning of substations, step-up transformers, cabling, protection, and metering bays. Transformation includes single phase transformer banks with N+1 redundancy. We can also accommodate multiple delivery voltages ranging from 10kV to 230kV and beyond.

Up close view of power transformer and switchgear equipment