Energy represents approximately 30% of a mining operation’s cost and a substantial amount of its risk. APR Energy’s mobile generating technologies can supply dedicated, uninterrupted power for mines in remote locations or serve as supplemental capacity to back up unreliable power grids and intermittent renewables like solar, wind and hydro. Since our technologies also are dual frequency, we can easily convert from 50 to 60Hz, based on customer requirements. The fact that we own, install and operate our power plants helps mining companies avoid long-term capital investments in permanent generating capacity and allows mining operations to focus on their core business.

Our scalable, modular solutions can rapidly expand from 2MW to 50MW or more to meet the growing power needs of a mining operation throughout the exploration to development to full production lifecycle. On each project, APR Energy brings an understanding the importance that our customers and communities place on health, safety and environment. We strive to provide power generation solutions that deliver world-class occupational health and safety performance, as well as advanced technology that meets stringent environmental requirements. Through our comprehensive range of operating procedures and processes, we have achieved a proven track record, minimizing risks inherent in our industry while helping customers to achieve their social responsibility goals.

Guatemala - 15.5MW | Powering World's Second-Largest Silver Mine

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Guatemala (Minera San Rafael, S.A.)

Dedicated, industrial power generated for a Guatemalan silver mine

Dedicated diesel generator solution helping the world’s second-largest silver mine to self-power.

New Caledonia (Mining Customer)

New Caledonia Power Plant | APR Energy

60MW of environmentally friendly power generation provided to South Pacific mine in just 30 days.