APR Energy offers the world’s first utility-scale, fast-track and redeployable solar-hybrid power plant for on-grid or off-grid generation. Flexible enough to use for utilities, mines, heavy industry and rural electrification, these turnkey solar-hybrid plants combine the benefits of renewable energy with the security of immediate back-up power.


Mobile, Modular Design

This proprietary, scalable design enables the solution to be installed anywhere in the world and operational in 90 days or less. Unlike traditional solar power plants, APR Energy’s photovoltaic system is designed for easy demobilization and redeployment, making it an ideal solution for customers with short-term renewable power needs. Enabled by state-of-the-art SunSHIFT™ technology, the system comprises rugged, pre-fabricated 2kW modules that are combined to form pre-engineered 1MW blocks. The plug-and-play modules contain high-efficiency panels to minimize footprint and are sized to pack in standard 20-foot ISO shipping containers.


A great fit for distributed generation, supplemental power and rural electrification, the APR Energy Solar Power System offers unprecedented flexibility when it comes to renewable energy. Solar assets can easily be scaled, removed and redeployed, or converted to permanent installations, depending on client requirements. APR Energy’s Solar Power System is engineered for stand-alone operation or integration with APR Energy’s diesel- and gas-fueled power modules, providing customers with a turnkey, hybrid solution that combines the emission-free and low-cost benefits of renewable energy with the assurance of immediate back-up power when the sun isn’t shining.

Reduce Costs

The Solar Power System makes a great complement to existing generation sources, providing an offset to the costs of traditional fuels and providing the customer with a lower total cost per kilowatt-hour. Its remotely accessible intelligent control system optimizes the output of solar power, minimizing electricity costs while ensuring energy security at all times. The portable, redeployable aspect of this solution further holds down cost to the customer, since the full value of the equipment will be captured over multiple projects.

Technology specs of Solar Power System