APR Energy has installed more than 1 GW of fast, flexible power generation across the Americas. We provide affordable and reliable power to utilities, mines and other industries with projects in Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Haiti, Guatemala, Martinique, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, the United States, Puerto Rico and the USVI.

Mexico - 60MW | Emergency Power for Pemex

Uruguay - 300MW | Fast-Track Installation (Phase I)

Guatemala - 15.5MW | Powering World's Second-Largest Silver Mine

Guatemala - 15.5MW | Site Aerial View

Argentina - ENARSA | Customer Interview

Uruguay - UTE | Customer Interview

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Puerto Rico (U.S Army Corps of Engineers)

Mobile gas turbine loaded on cargo ship to Puerto Rico

85MW of emergency power for hurricane relief, 60MW commissioned 17 days after contract signature.

Uruguay (UTE)

Uruguay Punta del Tigre Power Plant | APR Energy

300MW gas turbine solution to back up hydro generation and bridge the power gap until a new power plant was constructed.

US Virgin Islands (VIWAPA)

US Virgin Islands

Modern, utility-grade technology replaced aging infrastructure to help improve efficiency and reliability.

Argentina (ENARSA)

Argentina Formosa Power Plant | APR Energy

90MW of power generation (across five sites) stabilized the grid during peak demand season.

Guatemala (Cementos Progreso)

Guatemala Cempro Power Plant | APR Energy

Dedicated 10MW power plant designed for industrial cement plant to self-power.

Guatemala (Minera San Rafael, S.A.)

Dedicated, industrial power generated for a Guatemalan silver mine

Dedicated diesel generator solution helping the world’s second-largest silver mine to self-power.

Peru (ELP)

Peru Mollendo Power Plant | APR Energy

60MW of emergency power to offset infrastructure delays and hydro shortages.