Health, Safety & Environment

Protecting our people and communities always is APR Energy’s number-one priority. We are committed to operate in a safe, ethical, and responsible manner, and carefully adhere to policies designed to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of our employees and those we serve. Through our comprehensive range of operating procedures and processes, we have achieved a proven track record of minimizing risks inherent in our industry while helping customers to achieve social responsibility goals.

Making safety a behavior

We strive for an injury-free workplace, requiring 100-percent safe work practices and employee engagement. As part of these efforts, we provide regular, in-depth training, mentoring and job-specific education, supported by internal procedures, quality management systems, work instructions and protective equipment.

The HSE skills, practices, and policies we teach our people become ingrained in their daily work practice, and often become behaviors carried with them throughout their career. The positive impact of our safety programs can be seen in our Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate, which is on average lower than a typical range for industrial activities involving power generation and construction activities.

Managing our environmental resources responsibly

APR Energy is dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact throughout all business activities we undertake around the globe. With the most advanced fleet in the industry, we offer the most fuel-efficient technology available in the fast-track power market today. In addition to the cost savings that come from reduced fuel consumption by our state-of-the-art GE turbines and CAT® power modules, our fuel-efficient solutions result in lower emissions.

Our fuel-flexible turbines enable us to further reduce emissions thanks to their ability to run natural gas and other clean-burning fuels such as LPG, producing 38-94% less nitrogen oxide (depending upon use of water injection) than competing solutions using diesel power modules. In addition, the high power density of the turbines means they can generate the same amount of electricity on a fraction of the land required for diesel engines, and they produce about 20 percent less noise.

Creating a secure working environment

APR Energy is committed to creating a secure working environment for all personnel, while also ensuring the security of our physical assets. Led by our corporate global security professionals, we maintain practices, policies and procedures to mitigate risk of potential incidents. This includes contracting protection services from global security providers where warranted, as well as providing traveler assistance and establishing traveler protocols. We monitor security intelligence on a real-time basis and ensure that appropriate risk mitigation measures are in place pursuant to the corresponding risk climate.