Our Business

APR Energy is the world’s leading provider of specialized fast-track power solutions. Combining fuel-efficient technology with industry-leading expertise, we execute our projects rapidly and safely, always prioritizing operational cost effectiveness to provide the highest value to our customers. We provide access to dependable and reliable electricity to serve utilities, governments, oil and gas and other critical power industries by supplementing power and stabilizing grids around the globe.

Our Mission

Our mission is SPEED:

We deliver specialized fast power solutions with world-class operational support, under creative commercial framework.
We execute rapidly and safely to provide customers with quality power solutions in constrained timeframes.
We prioritize operational cost effectiveness and efficiency, providing value and ensuring quality service to our customers.
We utilize low-emissions gas turbines and hybrid power solutions that support global renewables initiatives while maintaining high environmental standards.
We are equipped to respond to emergency power needs with solutions designed to supplement and stabilize grids, providing both short- and long-term security for customers.

Business Model

While the work we do can be complex by nature, our business model is simple – we build, own and operate rapidly-deployed mobile power plants for customers who then pay us for a combination of the electricity we produce and access to the available generation capacity we provide. Plants vary by type and technology, and can be designed either for temporary application or long-term use. At the end of contract term, we may then extend operation with the customer, demobilize the plant for use in other projects, or in some instances, sell the plant to the customer with optional O&M services.

Value Proposition

Traditional power plants typically take years to build and commission, and, due to lack of funding and complex financing requirements, many projects never break ground. In contrast, our plants can be installed in weeks, not years, supplying the electricity needed to power millions of homes.

Using advanced technology, proprietary plant system design and industry-leading expertise, APR Energy’s solutions are fuel-efficient, flexible and scalable. Since we cover all aspects of power plant delivery and operation, customers benefit from a full-turnkey solution without having to provide any up-front capital investment as required with a permanent plant. Customers also benefit from the widest range of generation technologies in the industry, which may operate on a variety of fuel-flexible, dual-fuel and bi-fuel platforms, including diesel, natural gas, LPG and solar.

Global Experience

With experience delivering power in more than 35 countries, we have the capability to respond quickly to needs across most of the world, getting power to our customers fast. APR Energy’s power plants have served some of the world’s best-known utilities and industries, used in applications ranging from supplemental base load capacity and seasonal peaking power to distributed generation and dedicated industrial power.