Our Business

APR Energy is a global leader in specialized energy solutions. We have a proven history of successfully executing, owning, and managing short and long-term projects across a wide spectrum of energy technologies in over 35 countries since 2004. Since 2020 we have been part the Atlas Corporation.

Our Mission

APR helps ensure people have access to reliable and efficient energy when and where they need it most.

Our Approach

Value Proposition

15+ years execution experience

Founded in 2004, APR has built a reputation for execution excellence and flexibility in adapting to local conditions. From short-term 30 MW projects to long-term 300 MW plants, APR teams have unparallel experience working in diverse locations to build, own and operate power plants.

Flexibility of gas turbine fleet

APR owns of one of the world’s largest mobile gas turbine fleets capable of providing utility scale energy within a few weeks or a few months, depending on site conditions. This unique asset allows us to provide short term energy, bolster renewable penetration with bridging or back-up generation, as well as offer long-term generation solutions that use a combination of temporary and permanent technologies to deliver power quickly while keeping costs low through a levelized pricing approach.

Financial strength

APR is proud to be the energy arm of the NYSE-listed Atlas Corporation, an infrastructure investment company with an annual revenue of $1.6 billion and a market cap of $3.6 billion. We have a strong appetite for asset ownership and innovation funding across the energy sector, including gas, solar, wind and hydrogen.

Proven innovation

From our founding, APR has incrementally experimented with ways to enhance the efficiency and adaptability of gas turbine technology to meet the most pressing demands. We are now using our global portfolio of power plants and innovation partnerships as a platform for innovation in enhanced gas efficiency, solar integration, and blended hydrogen.