Avoid load shedding, blackouts and brownouts. Our mobile solutions can deliver urgently needed, large-scale power in just weeks.


Without reliable electricity, countries and industries cannot function efficiently or, in many cases, safely. Unfortunately, traditional power plants take years to plan, finance and construct. APR Energy’s mobile and modular generating technology allows us to transport, install and commission a turnkey power solution in as fast as 30-90 days, providing customers with reliable electricity to meet a range of interim needs – whether it’s for 12 months or five years.

World-Class Approach

We use state-of-the-art technologies and advanced engineering, logistics and installation processes to install, commission and operate our plants, ensuring reliable, cost-effective power for as long as a customer needs it. While we use a turnkey, modular approach, each plant is customized to the customer’s voltage, fuel, site and operating requirements.

Serving a Wide Range of Applications

Our solutions can be designed to fit a wide range of applications, including distributed generation, grid stability, emergency power and bridging power while permanent plants are being built or repaired. Our plants can also work under a variety of operating regimes, including peaking power, standby power and baseload operation.

60MW of Fast Power for Puerto Rico

Uruguay - UTE | Customer Interview

Australia - 75MW | Environmentally Friendly Emergency Power

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Puerto Rico (U.S Army Corps of Engineers)

Mobile gas turbine loaded on cargo ship to Puerto Rico

85MW of emergency power for hurricane relief, 60MW commissioned 17 days after contract signature.

Cyprus (EAC)

120MW modular power plant built for interim power in Cyprus

120MW emergency power solution installed in just 20 days from equipment arrival.

Australia (Hydro Tasmania)

Tasmania Power Plant | APR Energy

Three-turbine emergency power solution following prolonged hydro shortage and faulty undersea cable.

Uruguay (UTE)

Uruguay Punta del Tigre Power Plant | APR Energy

300MW gas turbine solution to back up hydro generation and bridge the power gap until a new power plant was constructed.

Senegal (SENELEC)

Senegal Cap des Biches Power Plant | APR Energy

Over seven years serving SENELEC with baseload and supplemental power.

Martinique (EDF)

Martinique Power Plant | APR Energy

20MW fast-track power solution using state-of-the-art, dual-fuel mobile gas turbines.

Japan (TEPCO)

Japan Hitachinaka Power Plant | APR Energy

Over 200MW of rapidly delivered emergency power following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, supporting rebuilding and disaster recovery.