Senegal | SENELEC 150MW




  • Project includes two sites
  • Fast-track online within 60 days
  • Installed fuel storage, 90kV substation
  • Project expanded, multiple renewals
  • 150MW >20% of Senegal’s capacity


  • Underinvestment in the power sector
  • Aging power plants and poorly maintained T&D network
  • Frequent power cuts


A combination of underinvestment in the power sector and lack of maintenance on existing transmission and distribution equipment resulted in unreliable aging power plants and overloaded distribution networks in Senegal. To alleviate growing power cuts while outdated equipment was being rehabilitated and new capacity added, Senegal’s national utility, Société Nationale d’Éléctricité du Sénégal (Senelec), contracted APR Energy in 2011 to provide 50MW of fast-track power, with the option of an additional 100MW at a second site.


To fulfill the customer’s requirement for fast-track installation, APR Energy dispatched equipment, components and personnel from around the world using a cost-effective combination of air, sea and ground transportation. Once on the ground, the company provided a turnkey solution including installation, operation and maintenance of all power generation equipment. The first site was in operation and providing additional electrical capacity to Senegal within 60 days of contract signature.


Satisfied with APR Energy’s performance in delivering, maintaining, and operating the first site, Senelec subsequently exercised its option for an additional 100MW. The site for the second plant was largely undeveloped and required extensive civil works before the new capacity could be brought online. The site also lacked fuel storage and transmission capabilities, necessitating construction of a permanent fuel tank with a storage capacity of 3 million liters and the delivery of a permanent 90kV substation. When completed, the two plants provided 150MW of power, accounting for more than 20 percent of Senegal’s generation capacity.