Oil and gas discoveries frequently occur in remote locations, far from the power grid. Our mobile gas turbines and high-speed reciprocating engines are an ideal source of onsite power to support remote hydrocarbon exploration, development and subsequent refining activities. These solutions are scalable, allowing them to grow as activities transition to production, and these mobile power plants can utilize the hydrocarbons being produced – including associated gas that otherwise would be flared into the atmosphere. Since we own and operate our plant equipment, our full-service power projects are treated as a monthly operating expense, allowing oil and gas customers to avoid large, long-term capital investments in generating capacity.

APR Energy’s fast-track power solutions also have beneficial applications for existing oil-and-gas operations – in particular, for the 1980s-era refineries still being powered by previous-generation turbines. Our mobiles turbines enable refineries to replace their old Frame V engines without interrupting operations, and the cost of this short-term bridging power solution is quickly recovered from the savings generated by the improved efficiency and output of the new turbines.

Mexico - 60MW | Emergency Power for Pemex