Energy Transition

APR believes the energy sector needs to evolve. We are actively working to enable the energy transition by evolving our technology offering and taking a localized, incremental approach.

Energy systems around the world face constraints:

  • Renewable integration requires dependable baseload in the short to mid-term.
  • Global instability and changing weather patterns are increasing fuel volatility.
  • Changes in load centers require systems and regulators to adapt.
  • Long term rhetoric is impeding action on some tangible improvements that can be taken today.

APR is responding by:

  • Helping countries manage the shift to renewable energy by providing back-up baseload power and grid balancing.
  • Enhancing the efficiency of existing fossil fuel generation through reconfigurations and researching new fuel options such as blended hydrogen.
  • Building less carbon intense projects from the outset including gas and renewables.