As the world’s leading provider of fast-track mobile turbine power, APR Energy features the most advanced fleet of mobile turbines in the industry. Our TM2500 units deliver 20-35MW of electricity each, and are scalable to deliver the equivalent of a traditional power plant in just days. Fuel-efficient, power dense and emissions-friendly, these flexible turbines can switch between a wide range of fuels, and reach full power in less than 10 minutes.

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Mexico - 60MW | Emergency Power for Pemex

60MW of Fast Power for Puerto Rico

Egypt - 75MW | Fast-Track Installation

Australia - 100MW | Site Aerial View

Uruguay - 300MW | Fast-Track Installation (Phase II)

Libya | Rapid Gas Turbine Deployment

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Aerial view of dedicated industrial power station in Egypt serving a polyethylene plant

Three-turbine bridging power solution for major chemical facility awaiting completion of permanent generation.

Uruguay (UTE)

Uruguay Punta del Tigre Power Plant | APR Energy

300MW gas turbine solution to back up hydro generation and bridge the power gap until a new power plant was constructed.

Australia (Hydro Tasmania)

Tasmania Power Plant | APR Energy

Three-turbine emergency power solution following prolonged hydro shortage and faulty undersea cable.

Australia (Horizon Power)

Mobile Turbine Generator Bridging Power in Australia

Mobile turbine project delivered 100MW of reliable, emissions-friendly bridging power in extreme conditions.

Libya (GECOL)


450MW fast-track baseload operation across six sites, supporting aging infrastructure.

Japan (TEPCO)

Japan Hitachinaka Power Plant | APR Energy

Over 200MW of rapidly delivered emergency power following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, supporting rebuilding and disaster recovery.

US Virgin Islands (VIWAPA)

US Virgin Islands

Modern, utility-grade technology replaced aging infrastructure to help improve efficiency and reliability.

Benin (MEEM)

Benin Power Project | APR Energy

Flexible turbine power solution allowed customer to switch fuels throughout contract based on availability and cost.