Cyprus | EAC 120MW




  • 120MW installed and commissioned ahead of schedule
  • Rapid mobilization of equipment via land, sea and air freight
  • Operational within 20 days of on-site arrival of equipment
  • Fuel efficiency exceeded contractual expectations
  • Reliable power throughout peak demand season


  • Need to replace 30 percent of capacity following damage to power station
  • Rapidly approaching peak demand season
  • Extensive civil engineering required prior to installation of power modules


The Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) owns and operates three power stations in the Republic of Cyprus, and manages the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity within the country. In July 2011, an explosion at a nearby naval base damaged the Vasilikos power station, reducing Cyprus’ generation capacity by more than 30 percent. In early 2012, because of on-going reconstruction of the power station, EAC requested proposals for the supply, installation, operation, and maintenance of a temporary power station to provide additional capacity during the upcoming summer peak months.


APR Energy was selected to provide a 120MW turnkey power plant based on past experience, reliability, fuel efficiency and fast-track time delivery schedule. Using a combination of sea, land and air freight, APR Energy delivered 96 diesel power modules to the temporary site, which was concurrently being prepared. APR Energy also worked with service providers on the island to recruit local workers within the community.


APR Energy delivered and commissioned 120MW of emergency power ahead of schedule, with the plant being installed and operational in only 20 days from on-site arrival of equipment. Leveraging the latest technology in diesel generators and plant design, APR Energy’s resulting fuel efficiency exceeded contractual expectations, not only proving to be more efficient than other deployed rental plants on the island, but also surpassing the efficiency of some of the existing permanent plants. This turnkey solution enabled EAC to provide safe and reliable electricity during its peak demand season.