Peru | ELP 60MW




  • Project included two sites; original power plant moved to new location
  • Fast-track response to emergency power decree
  • Redundancy, fuels storage for uninterrupted generation
  • Numerous local community development activities
  • “World’s Best Power Plants” award


  • Extensive site work
  • Fuel storage capacity to ensure 72 hours of continuous plant operation
  • Meet stringent permitting requirements in parallel with fast-track installation


In 2009, delays in the construction of a cross-country gas pipeline, transmission and distribution infrastructure – coupled with droughts that caused hydroelectric generation shortages – prompted Peru’s president to issue an emergency decree allowing state-owned electric utility company Electroperú to contract a temporary power generation solution.


APR Energy designed, built, and commissioned a 60MW temporary power plant to help the Peruvian government alleviate its power supply constraints. Prior to the installation of the diesel power modules, our engineering and operations teams performed extensive civil works on the undeveloped site, including the installation of 13.8kV transformers, construction of 1.2 million liters of permanent fuel storage capacity, and a 138kV substation. The modular power technology was chosen to ensure that several units could be held in reserve as standby power, while the other units collectively delivered 60MW.


APR Energy’s Trujillo site was named one of the “World’s Best Power Plants” by Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide magazine. In 2011, APR Energy signed a new 60MW contract to meet the changing needs of the customer, and moved the equipment from Trujillo nearly 1,600 kilometers south to Mollendo. In addition to providing needed generating capacity, the plant and its employees established numerous health, education and environmental programs in support of local community development.