Botswana | BPC 105MW




  • Project includes two sites
  • Serves Botswana’s 2nd-largest city
  • Power lessens economic bottleneck
  • 35MW plant alleviates load shedding


  • Insufficient peak power for residential, industrial customers
  • Frequent load shedding
  • Immediate power need for sustainable economic development


Botswana was experiencing electricity shortages driven by demand growth and supply constraints in the Southern African Power Pool, a cooperation of the national electricity companies in Southern Africa. Reliable power is critical to Botswana’s sustainable development and is currently one of its primary economic bottlenecks.


In 2010, Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) contracted APR Energy to build a fast-track turnkey diesel power and provide all operational staff. The 70MW plant – outside Francistown, the country’s second-largest city – was configured for continuous operation and maintenance, with an inventory of consumable spare parts to ensure 100-percent availability of the generation modules.


In 2014, BPC purchased the plant, which continues to provide reliable electricity to the national grid to help meet growing demand and provide an interim solution until permanent plants come online.

Satisfied with the operation and maintenance of the original turnkey power plant – and faced with continued power supply challenges and increased load shedding – BPC contracted APR Energy in 2015 to install and operate a second 35MW plant. The new plant is helping to alleviate load shedding as Botswana works to meet electrical supply challenges.