Case Studies

APR Energy has provided customers worldwide with fast, full-service and flexible power solutions since 2004.

Libya | GECOL

450MW fast-track baseload operation across six sites, supporting aging infrastructure.

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Oman | OPWP

24MW fast-track solution providing seasonal back-up power to support the national grid during the peak demand period.

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Oman Al Misfah Power Plant | APR Energy

Japan | TEPCO

Over 200MW of rapidly delivered emergency power following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, supporting rebuilding and disaster recovery.

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Japan Hitachinaka Power Plant | APR Energy

Cyprus | EAC

120MW emergency power solution installed in just 20 days from equipment arrival.

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120MW modular power plant built for interim power in Cyprus

Peru | ELP

60MW of emergency power to offset infrastructure delays and hydro shortages.

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Peru Mollendo Power Plant | APR Energy

Haiti | United Nations

Power generation solution distributed across 26 sites to power the United Nation Stabilization Mission in Haiti during 2007-2012.

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Haiti UN Power Plant | APR Energy