Case Studies

APR Energy has provided customers worldwide with fast, full-service and flexible power solutions since 2004.

Uruguay | UTE

300MW gas turbine solution to back up hydro generation and bridge the power gap until a new power plant was constructed.

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Uruguay Punta del Tigre Power Plant | APR Energy

Myanmar | MEPE

Gas power module solution producing 102MW of electricity and serving over six million people.

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Angola | ENE

Two 40MW power plants, including one of the first mobile turbine projects in sub-Saharan Africa, provided baseload generation for nearly 500,000 people.

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Angola Rocha Pinto Power Plant | APR Energy

Indonesia | PLN

130MW fast-track power solution using state-of-the-art, fuel-efficient diesel power modules.

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Indonesia Medan Power Plant | APR Energy

Senegal | SENELEC

Over seven years serving SENELEC with baseload and supplemental power.

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Senegal Cap des Biches Power Plant | APR Energy

Argentina | ENARSA

90MW of power generation (across five sites) stabilized the grid during peak demand season.

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Argentina Formosa Power Plant | APR Energy

Australia | Hydro Tasmania

Three-turbine emergency power solution following prolonged hydro shortage and faulty undersea cable.

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Tasmania Power Plant | APR Energy

Martinique | EDF

20MW fast-track power solution using state-of-the-art, dual-fuel mobile gas turbines.

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Martinique Power Plant | APR Energy