Mobile Gas Turbines

As the world's leading provider of fast-track mobile turbine power, APR Energy uses the most rapidly deployable and reliable technology in the market today.

APR Energy's mobile turbine fleet features the GE TM2500™ Gen 8, the newest generation of one of the world's most experienced, reliable gas turbine solutions for fast-track applications. The highly mobile aeroderivative turbine is capable of producing up to 35 megawatts of power and is quick to dispatch, achieving full power in less than 10 minutes.

The high power density and reliability of these units allows APR Energy to deliver scalable solutions of 400MW or more that can integrate into existing infrastructure and operate on a semi-permanent basis.

Developed specifically for delivering fast-track and mobile power, the TM2500 is packaged on a two-trailer system with a top-mounted air inlet filter and exhaust assemblies. It offers a space-conscious design with a 24m x 6.5m footprint, and can be shipped by land, air, or sea to anywhere in the world for quick installation.

A key advantage of turbines over reciprocating technology is the fuel flexibility they bring. The TM2500 has the ability to operate on, and switch seamlessly between, diesel, natural gas and liquid distillate fuels. It is also dual frequency, with the ability to easily convert from 50 to 60Hz. (Technical data for the TM2500™ Gen 8 is available in the downloadable Product Profile.)

Mobile turbines produce significantly less emissions than reciprocating engine solutions, making them a good fit for environmentally conscious customers and developed markets with stringent regulatory controls. The TM2500 offers the option of water injection for NOx suppression down to 25ppm.