Changes in public policy, economics and the modernization of power distribution infrastructure require APR Energy’s dependable Operations and Maintenance to optimize plant performance, reach financial targets, and ensure safe and continued regulatory compliance.

Today’s complex power systems demand the leadership, technical expertise and financial acumen to promote safe and efficient performance. APR Energy delivers Operations and Maintenance (O&M) that establishes customized protocols to augment plant performance, transfer knowledge and administer applications that endorse safety and reliability.

With the ability to mobilize anywhere in the world, APR Energy has built a successful track record for sustaining power plants that operate on gas turbines or reciprocating engines. From design and installation to decommissioning and training, a highly accomplished network of field service engineers and technicians combine a complete range of world-class O&M with the resources to empower local teams to achieve long-term goals.

Case Studies

Libya (GECOL)


450MW fast-track baseload operation across six sites, supporting aging infrastructure.

South Australia (SAPN)

South Australia

276MW of fast-track power to provide grid stability and mitigate risks of intermittent renewables.