Feb 2, 2022

APR Energy Extends Partnership With IID To Ensure Energy Stability In California

LONDON, Feb. 2, 2022 /CNW/ – APR Energy Ltd. (“APR”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Atlas Corp. (“Atlas” or the “Company”) (NYSE: ATCO), announced today that it has extended a contract to provide approximately 75 MW of back-up energy for California’s Imperial Irrigation District (“IID”) through 2022.  The extension follows APR’s successful execution of services with IID in 2021. APR’s fast-track power solutions assist IID in maintaining frequency and providing backup capacity within its 6,471 square mile service territory, including all of Imperial County and parts of Riverside and San Diego counties.

“APR’s energy services have played an integral part of IID’s commitment to maintain capacity reserve margins and grid stability during the volatile summer months”, said Henry Martinez, General Manager of Imperial Irrigation District.  “APR’s unique solutions, such as 24×7 availability and customizable transformation, have allowed our team to ensure our customers have access to stable, affordable energy, when they need it most”.

APR’s temporary energy solutions for IID include three fully staffed GE TM2500 turbine-based power plants sited within substations in El Centro and Calexico.  Each power plant has an output of approximately 25 MW.

IID’s forward-looking approach with APR secures supplemental energy services at pre-determined prices well ahead of known peak demand periods.

“APR is dedicated to enabling the energy transition and supporting California in its efforts to maintain reliable power while developing longer term forms of cleaner energy.” said Ben Church, CEO, APR Energy. “With increased energy demand and weather volatility across the United States, other utilities should look at the proactive steps IID is taking to ensure energy reliability to its customers”.