Dec 5, 2018

APR Energy Commissions Supplemental 120MW Gas Turbine Plant
in Dominican Republic

Fully operational fast-track power plant helps restore infrastructure in weeks

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — APR Energy, a global leader in fast-track power solutions, today announced the successful installation and commissioning of its 120MW power plant for AES Dominicana in the Dominican Republic. APR Energy’s project comprises four of the newest generation GE TM2500 mobile gas turbines.

APR Energy’s gas turbine plant was assembled and ready for power generation just 30 days from contract signature. Fueled by natural gas, the turbines connect to the AES Andres Energy Complex and will provide much-needed supplementary power to the local grid.

“When power grids suffer large-scale interruptions, speed-to-recovery becomes equally as critical as the reliability of the power being generated,” said John Campion, Chairman, APR Energy. “There’s no time to waste when the unexpected occurs. Our team’s ability to work in partnership with the customer to assess power needs, develop customized solutions and generate power rapidly is unparalleled in the industry.”

Following an unexpected outage, AES Dominicana successfully brought a portion of its plant back online but still required additional power to help bring it back to capacity. It was quickly determined that a need existed for supplemental power. AES assured the DR government that it would deploy its resources to mitigate the shortage of power for the island.

We are greatly satisfied with the results achieved by APR and government authorities, as they were able to bring to our country – and install in just 30 days -the emergency units that will add 120MW to the existing system, all based on natural gas. Once installed, and after completing the testing period, these units will make AES Andres total capacity reach 255MW, in a time of the year that is so important for everyone: the Christmas season. Simultaneously we are working hard on phase 3 of our recovery plan, to boost available capacity to 300MW within the proposed calendar, for the beginning of February 2019” said Edwin De los Santos, President of AES Dominicana.

APR Energy has a long track record of delivering on its vital value proposition of providing fast-track, reliable supplementary power generation following natural disasters, other weather phenomena and major service outages. The company recently provided power to Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria, and in Mexico after one of the largest earthquakes in recorded history.

About AES Dominicana
AES Dominicana started operations in the Dominican Republic back in 1997. The Group includes Dominican Power Partners (DPP), AES Andrés and Empresa Generadora de Electricidad ITABO S.A., where it owns 50% of the shares as part of a strategic alliance with the State, within the framework of Act No. 141-97, on Restructuring of Public Enterprises dated June 24,1997.

Over the last 20 years AES Dominicana has introduced game changing initiatives and has become a great promoter of innovation in the Dominican power industry.