May 5, 2021

APR Energy Announces North American Grid Stability Solution


LONDON, May 5, 2021 /CNW/ – APR Energy Ltd. (“APR”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Atlas Corp. (“Atlas” or the “Company”) (NYSE: ATCO), announced today that it has secured a contract with California’s Imperial Irrigation District (“IID”) to utilize three gas turbines to place power dense distributed generation capacity over three sites during the 2021 summer months. APR’s fast-track power solution will assist in maintaining frequency and provide needed backup capacity within IID’s service territory, which covers 6,471 square miles, including all of Imperial County and parts of Riverside and San Diego counties. APR’s services will serve as an integral part of IID’s commitment to maintaining capacity reserve margins and grid stability within its large system during the summer peak demand.

APR’s services for utilities and power providers offer a critical and turnkey solution for peak season generation requirements. APR’s power plants protect utilities and customers from increasingly frequent stresses on critical infrastructure, which can trigger loss of electricity. APR expects California’s IID solution to become operational during June and conclude in the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2021.

“APR’s turnkey solutions ensure IID and other utilities their energy availability and grid stability during peak demand periods,” commented Bing Chen, CEO of Atlas. Further, he stated, “by leveraging APR’s significant global expertise and track-record of successful and rapid installation of customer tailored solutions, we are proud to develop this opportunity along with IID to supply electricity for grid stabilization in Southern California. We’re committed to service IID in its primary objective of keeping the lights on for its customers.”

Henry Martinez, General Manager of Imperial Irrigation District, commented, “APR has worked extensively in close collaboration with IID’s technical, operational, and management teams to offer a unique and timely answer to peak summer demand with a power dense solution that is unavailable with other technologies on such short notice. We look forward to implementing this project to help with grid stability and to meet our customer’s needs. Finally, I would like to acknowledge the Imperial County Air Pollution Control District who provided valuable assistance as well.”

President and COO of APR, Brian Rich, commented, “We are proud of our APR team’s diligent execution in establishing our newest relationship with IID by providing a timely solution for today’s increasing peak power demands in Southern California.  As we have witnessed in recent years both in the US and globally, high demand utility grids are subject to outages and shortages, and APR’s reliable, rapidly deployable solution provides utilities with added assurance for grid stability and added electrical capacity that flexes to their needs. We encourage utilities in the US to explore our unique capabilities and solutions as they navigate reliability and capacity issues within their aging infrastructure.”