APR Energy offers one of the largest fleets of mobile containerized generators in the world. Featuring the newest advancements in CAT® reciprocating engine technology, our fleet includes the most reliable and trusted diesel and natural-gas power module packages available in the fast-track, temporary power market. These gensets can be easily scaled for large-capacity projects, and provide industry leadership in fuel-efficiency, saving customers significant money in fuel costs.

Myanmar - 102MW | Site Aerial View

Myanmar - 102MW | Fast-Track Installation

Guatemala - 15.5MW | Powering World's Second-Largest Silver Mine

Guatemala - 15.5MW | Site Aerial View

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Myanmar (MEPE)


Gas power module solution producing 102MW of electricity and serving over six million people.

Guatemala (Minera San Rafael, S.A.)

Dedicated, industrial power generated for a Guatemalan silver mine

Dedicated diesel generator solution helping the world’s second-largest silver mine to self-power.

Cyprus (EAC)

120MW modular power plant built for interim power in Cyprus

120MW emergency power solution installed in just 20 days from equipment arrival.

Botswana (BPC)

Botswana BPC Power Plant | APR Energy

Two diesel power module projects providing peaking and bridging power while permanent plant is built.

Senegal (SENELEC)

Senegal Cap des Biches Power Plant | APR Energy

Over seven years serving SENELEC with baseload and supplemental power.

Indonesia (PLN)

Indonesia Medan Power Plant | APR Energy

130MW fast-track power solution using state-of-the-art, fuel-efficient diesel power modules.

Oman (OPWP)

Oman Al Misfah Power Plant | APR Energy

24MW fast-track solution providing seasonal back-up power to support the national grid during the peak demand period.

Peru (ELP)

Peru Mollendo Power Plant | APR Energy

60MW of emergency power to offset infrastructure delays and hydro shortages.

Genset FAQs

What is a Genset?

This portable piece of equipment (a generator set or “genset”) consists of an engine and an alternator/generator. Gensets provide energy, often in geographical areas not connected to the power grid, in developing areas, in places with frequent power outages, and those where outages would be especially dangerous. Gensets are used as either a main source of energy or as a supplementary power source.

How Does a Genset Work?

A genset is a combination of a prime mover, (typically an engine), and an alternator.  An engine converts the chemical energy of a fuel to mechanical energy.  That mechanical energy is used to spin the alternator rotor; converting mechanical energy to electrical energy.  An alternator is made of two main parts; a rotor and stator.  Spinning the alternator rotor through the magnetic field between the rotor and stator creates a voltage on the alternator stator, through the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction.   When the voltage on the stator is connected to a load, electrical current flows, and the generator produces power.
In sum, the genset creates portable sources of energy. When the generator is used in conjunction with a diesel engine, as just one example, this creates a diesel genset.

How are Gensets Temperature Controlled?

Because gensets create significant quantities of heat, choosing the right cooling method and making it an integral part of the system is crucial. Typically, gensets are cooled by air or liquid. Our 1.4MW CAT units utilize a radiator with an ethylene glycol/water coolant and then maintain an airflow through the radiator with forced air via fan/s.

What Elements Exist in Genset Units?

A diesel genset consists of the engine, alternator/generator, cooling system, fuel day tank, controls, basecamp, and an enclosure, if needed. The enclosure can be designed to reduce noise transmitted to the surrounding environment, which is referred to as sound attenuated. The baseframe provides the structure to support the engine-generator loads, both static and dynamic, and may include anti-vibration mounts.

Why is Choosing a Top Quality Genset Important?

When you need industrial-level gensets, it’s crucial that they are built well, built to last. When you have a quality genset unit, whether you need diesel- or gas-powered modules, benefits include the following:

  • Reliability
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Scalable design
  • Robust construction
  • Automatic or manual paralleling
  • Automatic loading control
  • Local or remote operation
  • Low emissions

At APR Energy, we provide you with competitive efficiency, which leads to significant fuel savings. You also benefit from improved frequency and voltage stability, with our gensets easily transportable by land, sea or air, with minimal interfaces to facilitate rapid installation and commissioning globally. You can find additional benefits of gensets by APR Energy here. For more information, we invite you to look at our:

To talk about your unique requirements for power, contact APR Energy online to discuss our genset services or call today: +1 (904) 223 2278.

Technology specs of CAT diesel genset

Technology specs of CAT gas genset