August 2, 2018

Key Facts on APR Energy’s Matheu II Thermoelectric Power Plant

Thermoelectric Power Plant

  • With the injunction of APR Energy’s thermoelectric power plant now lifted, more than 2.6 million people will have better access to reliable power.
  • APR Energy’s turbines in Argentina only operate at “peak” times, or when the power grid is overwhelmed by demand. This significantly minimizes the possibility of a power outage, lowers the overall cost for the government and avoids any noticeable disruption to citizens.
  • APR Energy’s turbines are fuel-flexible and primarily run on clean natural gas in Argentina.
  • In the rare case that the natural gas supply is interrupted, then—by order of the Government—power will be generated with liquid fuel. Otherwise, APR Energy avoids the use of liquid fuel to protect the quality of life of citizens.
  • APR Energy has always maintained full compliance with all local and national laws as applied by Argentine authorities.
  • Each of APR Energy’s units have enclosures and exhaust silencers that considerably reduce the noise emissions of each turbine to a comfortable sound level while still allowing the delivery of reliable power.
  • The technology that APR Energy uses to meet water quality and consumption requirements is clean, efficient and environmentally compliant.
  • The plant uses water that is demineralized then injected into the combustion chambers of the turbines. The water leaves the turbines as steam, just like pure water from a kettle.
  • By introducing the water injection process, the level of NOx emissions is reduced by more than seven times.
  • APR Energy ensures that any water released undergoes treatment to mitigate environmental risk.
  • APR Energy utilizes the same technology in Argentina that it does in its other sites throughout the world, often in highly regulated environments. The technology presents no meaningful health issues to citizens.
  • Two panels of judges have confirmed these facts and APR Energy believes they made the right decision. Allowing operation ensures that the local power infrastructure is stable and reliable for all residents, protecting peoples’ quality of life and growing the economy.
  • APR Energy’s investment in the community remains strong, as we are committed to providing power to the people of Argentina who need it.