June 18, 2018

Interim Power Solutions: Bridge-to-Permanent Power

Uruguay Power Plant | APR Energy

Temporary power installations can be broken down further, into “interim” and “bridge-to-permanent,” with each option addressing different needs. And, before we discuss the differences, note that we no longer use the term “temporary power” at APR Energy.

Why? An article in PowerMag.com succinctly shares some limitations of the term. “Calling power service temporary,” the article reads, “doesn’t quite capture all of its distinguishing attributes. It’s temporary rather than permanent, rented rather than owned, and mobile rather than fixed. It’s also modular and easily scalable.” Some so-called “temporary” projects, the article also notes, “run six months or longer and range up to 450 MW in size.”

As noted in the article, “temporary” tends to imply a short-term rental of power, often erroneously. Moreover, that designation doesn’t provide information about the intent of the power usage. Here’s more about that distinction.

Interim Power Solutions

Interim solutions are just what they sound like: provisional power solutions that are not intended to be permanent. Although customers needing interim power may not know precisely how long they will need a provisional solution, they know that the system is not intended to be a fixed, permanent power generator.

Using the most modern generating technology, we can create a turnkey solution quickly, as fast as 30 to 90 days (and that includes transportation, installation and commissioning of the system). This allows us to provide reliable electricity to meet interim needs, whether that’s for a year or five years, with APR Energy’s solutions using mobile/modular technology. Here is more information about our interim power solutions.

1) Bridge-to-Permanent Power Solutions

In other instances, electricity users know they need a permanent fixed power source at a location, but they also need temporary power generation while the permanent solution is being built. These are known as bridge-to-permanent power solutions and we provide that bridge to power, solutions that serve customers well while they are creating their permanent infrastructure.

A variety of bridge solutions are available, each providing affordable long-term power in ways that are delivered more quickly than energy from traditional power plants while permanent solutions are being built.

2) Emergency Response Power

The need for emergency power can come swiftly and, sometimes, unexpectedly. Here’s just one example. On September 20, 2017, the massive Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico. Although that was not unexpected, the direct and devastating brute force of the hurricane was overwhelming, as the entire island thrown into darkness. In response, we contacted Puerto Rican authorities to let them know of our readiness to provide emergency power and staged some of our newest-generation mobile gas turbines in the region.

On October 12, we were hired to rapidly install and operate mobile turbine technology, chosen for its high-power density, along with its ability to stabilize the grid with significantly lower emissions, reducing the risk of blackouts.

Options include:

  • Aeroderivative Gas Turbines: this fuel-flexible technology allow us to generate the same amount of power as reciprocating engines using only a fraction of the land, and can be quickly installed and smoothly integrated into current infrastructure. As needed, the turbines can be scaled up, and we work with GE to deliver more permanent solutions when desired.
  • Combined Cycle: When converted to combine cycle, this bridge-to-permanent solution allows us to deliver efficient energy quickly to customers.
  • Solar/PV: You may think of modular reclaimable solutions when you think of solar, but these can become permanent installations for longer-term needs. Options include standalone solar/PV and hybrid options that mesh with other generation technologies.

Here is more information about bridge-to-permanent power solution options.

APR Energy: Providing Reliable Electricity When and Where It’s Needed

We believe that no one should need to wait years to get reliable access to electricity, meaning no business, no community, no country. APR Energy was founded with the belief that electricity should be provided when and where it’s needed, and for as long as it’s needed. Electricity is a building block to national economies, with every kilowatt of electricity supplied to a country’s grid boosting its GPD by a dollar.
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