August 23, 2018

Fast Track Energy Solutions

Large power intensive industrial complex

Governments and companies have multiple reasons why they need fast energy solutions. With the turnkey technologies that are available today, there are no reasons why they should be without critical power for any significant length of time.

Fast power solutions quickly provide customers with affordable and reliable power as interruptions are minimized and challenges overcome. This post will provide an overview of the most common applications of fast power, along with examples and case studies from six different sectors, allowing you to get a convenient overview of possibilities all in one document.

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Application #1: Bridging Power

As facilities are being constructed, replaced, maintained and/or upgraded, companies and governments need sources of power—and that’s where bridging power solutions come in. Fast sources of reliable and affordable power minimize the disruption of operations, with companies having the option of APR Energy also providing long-term solutions. Examples of power bridging include:


Application #2: Industrial Generation

High-power consumption industries typically need dedicated sources of power, 24/7. This includes oil and gas refineries, mining operations, EPC and more. Reliable power is crucial for production and profitability purposes, as well as for the health and safety of employees. Examples of our industrial generation clients include:


Application #3: Distributed Generation

In areas where transmission lines are inadequate, utility companies may need to generate power more closely to the communities being served to prevent blackouts. Fast energy solutions are ideal when distributed power is needed. Electricity can be injected into the local distribution network or into the main high-voltage grid to improve overall electrical system efficiency. Examples of our turnkey power projects using distributed generation include:


Application #4 Emergency Power

Natural disasters, weather phenomena, power plant failures, transmission interruptions, and other catastrophes create emergency power needs. These events are often when mobile, fast-track energy solutions are needed most urgently. APR Energy globally responds to emergencies through modular design, proprietary building systems, mobile technology, and on-hand inventory. Examples of when we have provided emergency power when and where it’s needed most include:


Application #5 Grid Stability and Support

Quick-start capabilities of mobile turbines allow customers to operate more efficiently, confident in their secure and reliable energy solutions. The power density of these turbines allow them to provide grid stability, a source of reserve power if a grid unexpectedly fails. Customers can benefit from customized fast power solutions using whatever combination of MWs/MVA/MVAR is needed. Substations and electrical networks improve in efficiency, often by 20 to 30 percent. PLN, the state-owned electrical corporation of Indonesia, provides an excellent example of this type of grid stability and support.

Application #6 Traditional Power Generation

APR Energy also provides long-term energy solutions via simple- or combined-cycle power plants. Fuels used include:

  • Natural gas
  • Diesel
  • LNG
  • LPG

The use of mobile-generating technology eliminates the need to wait two to five years, the typical timeframe for the construction of a traditional power plant. Plus, our mobile technology can also provide bridge power alongside the construction of a permanent plant.

Interim Power

“We were very impressed with APR Energy’s responsiveness. Their mobile turbines were a great fit for our specific fuel flexibility, emissions, space and noise requirements at the site, and we found APR Energy to be professional, customer focused and a pleasure to work with.” —Hydro Tasmania Chief Operating Officer, Evangelista Albertini

You can find more information about interim power solutions, which provides the following benefits:

  • Power in 30-90 days
  • Large mobile fleet
  • Leading-edge technology
  • Turnkey approach
  • Full-service operation
  • Scalable from 5 to 500MW
  • Fuel flexibility


Long-Term Power

Long-term energy solutions provide the following benefits:

  • Fast-track, turnkey approach
  • Scalable to your needs
  • Full-service operation
  • Fuel flexibility, including NG, LPG, LNG
  • Fuel efficient technology
  • Diverse technologies

You can also find more information here about bridge-to-permanent energy solutions.

Industrial Power

Industrial power solutions will be highlighted in more detail in the sector section of this post. Benefits of these include:

  • Operating expense versus long-term CAPEX
  • Environment and emissions
  • Rapid availability
  • Heavy-motor start
  • Customized approach
  • Scalability


Fast Power Sector # 1 Utilities

“With APR Energy, quality is key and safety standards are held high. Working with a dedicated project manager made it possible to deliver the project on time.”
—Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) Expansion Project Chairperson, Franklin Modisenyane

The country of Uruguay was in a difficult position. Its electricity is largely generated through domestic hydropower, making it challenging for the country to provide consistent electricity because of seasonal rainfall patterns, with droughts presenting a real danger to the energy production sector. In the past, this energy need was largely filled through electricity imports from surrounding countries, such as Brazil and Argentina. But, as those countries grew and needed more domestic power themselves, Uruguay needed another solution.

This need for fast energy meant that aggressive installation and commissioning was crucial. Requirements included:

  • a 150KV solution
  • 50HZ generating equipment
  • A solution that could work around the uncertain quality of diesel oil for dual-fuel gas turbines

In 2012, APR Energy successfully added to Uruguay’s national grid, addressing seasonal shortages as well as market-related ones. This solution included four high-power density turbine generators, totaling 100 MW, and was completed in less than 45 days. Plus, this was just the beginning of this fast power solution.

“I was marveled with the response that this company has given. We now begin a commercial stage in which we are strategic partners. With the availability of these machines, we will supply the demand in Uruguay and it will allow us to optimize our system. Sincerely, with APR we have had a very good experience.”
—Usinas y Trasmisiones Eléctricas (UTE), Uruguay President Gonzalo Casaravilla

You can find more information about this utility fast energy solution (and in more detail here.)

APR Energy has designed, installed, and now operates more than 60 power plants in nearly 30 countries, helping both public and government-owned utilities provide essential electricity for homes, businesses, health clinics and schools, providing an overall better quality of life. We have worked with some of the best-known utilities in developed countries and in developing markets, providing unique solutions, including in emergency situations. You can find more information about our fast power solutions for utilities here.

Fast Power Sector #2 Mining

When the world’s second-largest silver mine needed reliable, fast power, it came with significant challenges, including the fact that the rural area was mountainous. This customer needed to comply with rigorous environmental and safety regulations and, with mine work, there was no room for error. Power interruption would mean an interruption to life-dependent systems.

Its initial plan was to provide electricity through the installation of a transmission line connected to the local power grid. Numerous challenges associated with permits and rights of way caused a change in plans as developers of the mine recognized a need for mobile, fast-track power solutions that would continue to be efficient and scalable as the mine transitioned from a construction phase to mining operations.

APR Energy installed diesel power modules to provide the initial requirements (2-3MW) for mine construction, also operating the power for the mine. Once the mine was operational, we scaled output to 15.5MW of reliable electricity to protect the miners whose lives depended upon ventilation and water-pumping systems.

You can find more information about this fast power solution, along with case study information. And, here is a video about this project, one that earned APR Energy a 2015 Safety Recognition Award:

APR Energy also provided 60MW of continuous power to nickel mines in the French territory of New Caledonia within 30 days of equipment arrival. Challenges with that project included the short timeline for power availability in this energy-intensive mine, a limited generation equipment footprint, and rigorous environmental requirements.

We supplied three power-dense, clean-burning mobile gas turbines, ones that met strict European Union emissions standards. That was our largest industrial power solution at that time, with this plant clearly demonstrating the versatility of mobile gas turbines and their ability to balance fuel efficiency with emissions control and footprint factors.

Here is more information about this fast power mining solution, along with more case study details. Scalable modular solutions can expand rapidly from 2 MW to 50 MW, or even more, to meet the growing needs of a mining operation. Power represents 30 percent of the cost of mining operations, and represents much of its risk. Here is more information about our mobile generating technologies for mines.

Fast Power Sector #3 Oil and Gas

In September 2017, Mexico suffered its worst earthquake in a century, with a magnitude of 7.1. This earthquake caused significant damage, including to the power generation capabilities of Mexican Petroleum’s largest oil and gas refinery. This refinery, better known as Pemex, is a state-owned petroleum company in Oaxaca, Mexico, and its operations are vital to the country.

In response to this urgent need, APR Energy air-freighted two new GE TM2500 mobile turbines from its inventory in Slovenia in October 2017. They were transported via Antonov, the world’s largest transport aircraft—and were, in fact, the first Gen8 TM2500s shipped by air. After traveling more than 11,000 kilometers by air, they landed in an airport in Huatulco, Mexico. This endeavor took four round-trip flights to transport the more than 300 metric tons of power generation equipment to Mexico. Using just the one aircraft, this was accomplished in just eight days.

Next, the equipment was transported by truck more than 150 kilometers along narrow coastal roads. Upon arrival, they were quickly installed to keep the urgent power supply working. You can watch an overview of this transport here:

Fast power for oil and gas refineries come with unique challenges, often because the discoveries of these fuels occur in remote locations, geographically distant from the power grid. That’s why mobile gas turbines are such an ideal source of onsite fast power, as are our high-speed reciprocating engines. They both do an excellent job of supporting hydrocarbon exploration and development, and then refining, in remote locales, scalable as activities increase. You can find more information about our fast power solutions for oil and gas refineries, ideal for reliable and efficient dedicated sources of power.

Fast Power Sector #4 Heavy Industry

“We are very pleased to have chosen APR Energy for its innovative solutions as the company to lead this important milestone and to help make this dream come true at the San Gabriel plant in 2017.”
—Cementos Progreso Plant Manager Luis Pinto

Power outages caused by unreliable local grids and/or limited transmission network access are a significant problem. It can take days for complex industrial facilities to restart processes, which presents serious challenges to business operations and for customers. The Guatemalan cement company Cementos Progreso (Cempro) faced challenges in power grid connections because of infrastructure delays. These delays occurred as the company needed to install two transmission lines to connect its manufacturing facility to the local power grid. At that point, Cempro realized that it needed an interim fast power solution until power grid access was obtained.

It faced additional challenges because of rigorous environmental, health and safety requirements and limited road access, which impacted the transportation of plant equipment. In response, APR Energy installed a 10 MW plant to allow Cempro to begin production before it had access to the grid, successfully facilitating plant equipment transportation equipment and complying with all environmental, and health, and safety regulations.

Find more information here about this heavy industry fast power solution, along with a more detailed case study.

Our mobile generating technologies are the smart choice when your heavy industrial operations require dedicated on-site electricity. Our large-motor start capability allows companies to reach maximum operation capacity, as well as to avoid plant outages. Used as backup power, large blocks of power can be supplied in less than 10 minutes through the use of APR Energy’s rapid-start mobile turbines and reciprocating engines.

Fast Power Sector #5 EPC

“This is a major project for Egypt’s growing industrial sector, and we are pleased to have APR Energy as our power generation partner. We have been impressed with the speed and flexibility APR Energy has demonstrated in delivering our unique project requirements on time, and appreciate the responsiveness its people have shown during every stage of the process.”
—Egyptian Ethylene and Derivatives Company (ETHYDCO) Chairman Abd-el Rahman Zeid

The Egyptian Ethylene and Derivatives Company planned to build a large-scale polyethylene plant and considered a nearby refinery as its source of electrical power. Late in the project’s development, though, that plan was not able to be implemented, putting the entire project at risk. Without a source of reliable, scalable power, this chemical facility risked having construction completed without being connected to the grid or having a supporting power plant.

In 2015, APR Energy was selected to provide a fast power solution on an interim basis, using mobile gas turbines, with a long-term plan to construct a 70MC combined-cycle gas turbine plant. Challenges faced included the need for an uninterrupted power supply, a firm project deadline that needed to be met even as multiple change orders were made and custom delays occurred, along with uncertain quality of the natural gas supply and pipeline pressure.

APR Energy’s solution included three GE aeroderivative mobile dual-fuel turbines that use clean-burning natural gas. These turbines are simultaneously operated to provide uninterrupted power. The project also required our engineers to create customized filtration solutions, along with gas compression ones, to empower turbines to run on local natural gas supplies. This project was completed on time, despite change orders and delays going through customs.

You can find more information about our EPC fast power solution, along with a more detailed case study.

Overall, power generation is a crucial component of EPC projects, with APR Energy providing customized turnkey solutions for EPC fast power. We have global experience in installation, operation, and maintenance, along with key alliances with technology manufacturers so our customers can benefit from customized, state of the art energy solutions.

Fast Power Sector #6 Military

When the Navy Yard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, needed to serve as the site of equipment testing by the Naval Surface Warfare Center, the Navy needed temporary sources of power that could meet energy-intensive requirements for military research, testing, and development. Requirements included fast installation and low-emission power generation to meet environmental regulations. Challenges included a limited footprint for the turbine and the plant overall, and the urgency for immediate power.

APR Energy supplied 20MW of continuous power within one month of the arrival of equipment, which arrived in a timely way in spite of a winter blizzard that dumped a foot of snow. The Navy’s aggressive schedule was met, and so were strict emissions requirements. You can find more information about this military power generation, along with more information available in this case study.

Military power projects come with exacting standards, including the ability to provide reliability and mobility in demanding environments. APR Energy met those standards through the use of auxiliary power units, ideal for a wide range of military applications, including disaster relief efforts, remote base power, and auxiliary power for ships in foreign ports, along with the ability to forward deploy mobile power to new locations.

Fast Power Operating Regimes

APR Energy can meet needs in the following operating regimes:

    • Peaking power: We provide cost-effective fast power solutions to mitigate peak shaving requirements:
    • MEEM in Benin
    • BPC in Botswana
    • OPWP in Cyprus Oman
    • Standby power: As reliance on renewable energy grows, it becomes even more clear that standby power is needed when winds don’t blow and the sun isn’t shining; here are examples:
    • Hydro Tasmania in Australia
    • UTE in Uruguay
    • Baseload operations: We provide customers with cost-effective generating capacity around the clock to power industries and cities alike.


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