Through our bridge-to-permanent solutions, we can provide the power you need now, with the long-term efficiency and cost savings of permanent technology.


Power Now, with the Efficiency of Permanent Technology

APR Energy can plan, build and operate permanent generating facilities – while also providing temporary bridging power throughout the construction and commissioning phases of the long-term solution. This bridge-to-permanent solution gives customers access to reliable interim electricity in just weeks while permanent, high-efficiency plant is constructed.

Customers may choose between two cost-effective options:

  • Tiered pricing with a consistent price for generation throughout the 10-20 year purchase power agreement (PPA), gaining substantial fuel-cost savings when the permanent plant replaces the temporary bridging power solution.
  • Levelized pricing where customers pay the same cost per kWh (generation and fuel) throughout the PPA.

Save Money with Lower-Cost Alternative Fuels

With fuel accounting for approximately 70% of the cost of power production, customers are looking for alternative, lower-cost fuels to save money and reduce emissions. APR Energy’s turbine technology gives customers the ability to use and switch between a range of fuels, based on cost and availability – in some cases saving them millions of dollars a year. Our turbines can run not only on conventional fuels such as diesel, but also lower-cost alternatives such as natural gas, LPG, LNG, ethanol, naphtha and kerosene.

Efficient Technology

Our diverse offering of generation technologies, together with strategic partnerships with equipment manufacturers, means that customers can choose from conventional and cutting-edge power solutions ranging from combined-cycle turbines to solar PV. This provides customers with highly efficient solutions to significantly reduce their fuel costs.

Turnkey Approach

APR Energy’s full-service, turnkey power solutions include provides all engineering, logistics, site and civil work, installation, operation and maintenance services. Depending on the specific requirements of each project, we offer a flexible range of power-generation configurations based on fuel and technology needs. Our turnkey approach includes full balance of plant, substations as needed and step-up MV or HV transformers to deliver electricity in accordance with the customer’s specific requirements.