Power generation is a major component of EPC projects. Yet, for many EPC companies, installation and operation of power plants is not a core competence. At APR Energy, all we do is power – customized, turnkey solutions that include installation, operation and maintenance – which allows you to focus on the rest of your project. Our global experience and alliances with key technology manufacturers ensures that EPCs get consistent quality, predictable pricing and state-of-the-art power solutions regardless of project location.

APR Energy can deliver of a fully operational 10-500MW plant in as fast as 90 days anywhere in the world to power project development. We can provide long-term IPP solutions for your mining, oil and gas, and industrial clients that avoids the capital expense of a building power plant and instead charges for electricity consumed on an operating-cost basis – saving your customers money and giving you a competitive bidding advantage.

Egypt - 75MW | Fast-Track Installation

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Aerial view of dedicated industrial power station in Egypt serving a polyethylene plant

Three-turbine bridging power solution for major chemical facility awaiting completion of permanent generation.