Relying on outdated and unreliable assets increases the risk of high overall costs and environmental issues, which means facilities need a efficiency enhancement solution that is quick, compliant and reliable. APR Energy provides cost-effective, reliable solutions for governments, utilities and private industries to upgrade and optimize their aging power generation infrastructure.

In many instances, utility providers and grid operators are finding that their equipment is at or near the end of its life-cycle. Our approach utilizes the latest gas turbine technology that has a proven record of helping utilities and private companies displace their power infrastructure to meet emission requirements, improve reliability and secure significant fuel cost savings.

Our specialized power solutions serve a wide range of applications in both developed and developing markets and can take the place of your inefficient infrastructure while more permanent power is repaired, upgraded or constructed. Customers can take advantage of the benefits of reliable power and cost savings right away.

Case Studies

US Virgin Islands (VIWAPA)

US Virgin Islands

Modern, utility-grade technology replaced aging infrastructure to help improve efficiency and reliability.

Libya (GECOL)


450MW fast-track baseload operation across six sites, supporting aging infrastructure.