Mobile Gas Turbines


  • Fast-track power provided to the PEMEX Salina Cruz Refinery immediately following 8.1 magnitude earthquake
  • Air-freighted two TM2500 Gen8 units for the first time, all in just eight days
  • Installed 70MW power plant within three weeks, while the company concurrently provided 60MW of power to Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria
  • Continued to operate despite succeeding tremors and aftershocks


  • Need for rapid solution to provide immediate generating capacity
  • Help customer navigate Mexico's emergency procurement procedures
  • Disrupted communication channels at PEMEX HQ when a second earthquake hit


In Sept. 2017, southern Mexico was rocked by an 8.1 magnitude earthquake – one of the largest in recorded history. The result was widespread damage across the region, including to the largest refinery and company in Mexico, the Ingeniero Antonio Dovali Jaime Refinery of Salina Cruz in the state of Oaxaca. The refinery, owned by PEMEX, generates approximately 2.5 million barrels of oil daily and more than 6 million cubic feet of natural gas. After the catastrophic earthquake disrupted PEMEX’s processes, the refinery required immediate power in order to maintain its vital operations.


APR Energy provided PEMEX with a fast-track power solution, enabling the refinery to resume operation while the permanent generating station was being repaired. To quickly restore power, APR Energy air-freighted the newest generation of GE’s mobile gas turbines from its inventory in Slovenia in just eight days. The turbines were the first of its kind shipped by air and included more than 300 metric tons of equipment. In just three weeks, APR Energy successfully installed and delivered the urgent power needed to keep the refinery running – all while the company concurrently delivered power to Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria.


Once operational, APR Energy’s equipment remained online despite a second, 5.1 magnitude earthquake hitting Mexico City – helping continue the refinery’s production flow and maintain its communication channels to PEMEX headquarters. This project adds to APR Energy’s impressive track record of helping restore power quickly to industries and utilities following natural disasters and other unexpected power emergencies.