June 18, 2018

Benefits of Alternative Fuels

Guatemala Cempro Power Plant | APR Energy

1) LNG

Liquified natural gas (LNG) has been called an energy-sector game changer and is an alternative fuel that’s becoming increasingly in demand worldwide. Because it is the cleanest hydrocarbon, LNG is expected to continue to play a crucial role in reducing CO2 emissions as it provides energy and addresses energy crises around the globe.

A report from the International Gas Union shares the value of LNG as a “resource for diversifying and securing energy supplies,” with a spokesperson saying that “Enhanced usage of natural gas is the single most effective way for the world to responsibly reduce emissions. Natural gas provides a proven solution that works in almost any application for all energy uses, is affordable and plentiful around the world.”

Additional benefits of LNG mentioned include further reduction of NOX pollutants, thereby materially contributing to the improvement of air quality; gas being more economical than oil or diesel on longer-term projects; and buyers and sellers connecting to create physical infrastructures wherein they have a mutual interest in protecting their investments and making them profitable.

2) LPG

Liquid petroleum gas (LPG), a byproduct of refineries, is another beneficial alternative fuel. Remarkably portable, this lower-cost fuel can be of exceptional value in remote locations, including but not limited to the developing world and emergency response stations. Installation and commissioning are rapid, with reliable power available in a short time frame, available for as long as it’s needed.

Additional LPG benefits include that upfront investment is minimal, and that this fuel is not typically affected by swings in pricing. Plus, users have the ability to switch seamlessly between LPG and other fuels as needed. These fuels are easily transportable and can be located near the center of demand to be monetized through mobile turbine technology.

Environmental benefits are also significant, with LPG providing 38 to 94 percent less nitrogen oxide with 20 percent less noise pollution than diesel power modules. This fuel can serve as a bridge to a better quality of life and economic growth. You can find more information about LPG benefits here.

Importance of Alternative Fuel Sources

A significant percentage of power production costs comes from the fuel, causing increasing numbers of companies to seek lower-cost alternative fuel sources. Utilities are also looking to reduce emissions and otherwise employ environmentally friendlier sources of power as they save money with alternative power sources.

APR Energy’s Turbine Technologies

Turbine technologies at APR Energy operate at highest availability throughout the year, providing reliable power. Our technology allows customers to switch among fuels, depending upon cost and availability, which has potential savings of millions of dollars annually.

The high power density of our turbines allow us to generate the same amount of power as reciprocating engines or other long term technologies, using only a fraction of the land. This makes our turbine technology ideal when there are space constraints and/or the power generation source must be centrally located.

No two situations are the same, so please contact us to talk about your unique needs for power. You can contact us online today. We deliver the solutions that best fit our customers’ needs, and we invite you to read our values statement. We look forward to speaking with you about your needs.