Turnkey Approach

APR Energy provides all engineering, logistics, installation, operation and maintenance services for each project through our comprehensive turnkey approach. Customers are able to quickly benefit from reliable power without waiting for the up-front capital investment needed for permanent facilities.

From the design, installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance of temporary power solutions to their eventual decommissioning, our highly-trained engineers and support staff stationed across the globe provide our clients with around the clock reliable service and uninterrupted power capacity. Depending on the specific requirements of each project, we offer a flexible range of configurations based on fuel and technology requirements, as well as the proven ability to re-deploy our assets upon completion of contracts.

The power generation technologies are all based on rapidly deployable modular designs and are engineered for diesel, natural gas, or dual-fuel operation. The full turnkey approach also includes step up MV or HV transformers to deliver electricity in accordance with the customer’s specific requirements.

During a contract, APR Energy’s turnkey suite of logistical, engineering, installation, operational, and maintenance services includes the following:


Site and Civil

From civil work and initial leveling, compacting, and foundation work to perimeter fencing, roadways, lighting, and comprehensive security systems, APR Energy handles all site preparation work for each power project. We also provide all necessary control rooms, offices, workshops, and warehousing to maintain optimal operation of the plant.


We can supply all equipment necessary for fueling the operation of our power generation equipment. Our system includes all piping, pumping, and filtering as well as continuous metering to ensure the performance of the equipment is closely monitored.


At each site, APR Energy provides a complete electrical system to meet all of the customer’s design specifications. This includes all cabling, protection and metering, as well as a custom designed ground grid and all required step-up transformers.

Advanced Controls

APR Energy utilizes advanced control systems via satellite uplink, using remote control and monitoring systems along with project specific utility relaying. We also supply all protection and operational interfaces.