Our Business

APR Energy is a global leader in the under-served market for rapidly deployable, large-scale power, and is the world’s leading provider of fast-track mobile turbine power. We combine speed, scale and technology to deliver flexible, turnkey power plants that power entire cities in days, not years.

While the work we do is complex by nature, our business model is simple. We deploy our mobile power plants rapidly to customers who then pay us for the electricity we produce and access to the available generation capacity we provide.

We consider ourselves to be a power producer, but have the benefit of recovering our costs of equipment, mobilisation and installation through a capacity charge to compensate for the times when the customer does not need to offtake power.

We install, own, operate and maintain our power plants, providing the customer with a complete turnkey solution. As a result, customers get the power they need without having to provide an up-front capital investment as required with a permanent plant.

Our customers range from sovereign utilities in high-growth emerging or frontier markets, to public and private utilities in developed markets. While utilities represent our largest customer base, APR Energy also serves a range of power-intensive industries, such as mining, which often require dedicated power solutions.