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On-site electricity for the mining industry

Safe. Efficient. Reliable.

In the mining industry, operational excellence is essential, and we understand that energy management is a critical component to achieve it. Energy represents approximately 30% of your total cost; therefore, energy optimization is vital for profit optimization. So is reliability; without it, production and profits suffer. Just as significant, lives can be endangered and key environmental processes can be compromised if the power goes out.

APR Energy, a global leader in mobile fast-track power, has a proven track record of providing mining customers with dedicated, reliable and cost-effective power when you need it, where you need it and for as long as you need it. Our scalable and efficient solutions combine reciprocating engine technology with renewable solar power to deliver customized generation that fits your requirements for fuel, frequency, scale and term - even in remote locations far from the grid system.

Highly Reliable, On-Site Power

Count on dedicated, uninterrupted power to support critical mining processes like crushing, dewatering and ventilation, smelting and refining. By meeting variable load demand, we help you to maximize your operational capacity while our trained and experienced personnel avoid costly and dangerous power plant-forced outages.

Operating Expense Rather than CAPEX

Permanent power plants involve substantial up-front capital investments. Our solutions constitute a monthly operating expense, as you provide just the site and fuel, and begin to pay only once electricity is flowing.

Your Health, Safety and Environmental Partner

Our solutions include world-class occupational health and safety performance, as well as advanced technology that meets stringent environmental requirements. Our HSE commitment and sensitivity to community needs and concerns complements the efforts of mining customers and helps you achieve your local Corporate Social Responsibility goals.

Flexible, Customized Solutions

Using state-of-the-art GE turbines, CAT power modules and solar modules and modular solar technology, we can help your mining operations better manage costs by switching fuels based on price and availability. In addition, our hybrid fossil/solar integrated technology offers the benefits of renewables with the assurance of reliable back-up power to deal with intermittent renewable power output. Since our technologies also are dual frequency, we can easily convert from 50 to 60Hz, based on your requirements.

Full-Service, Turnkey Approach

APR Energy handles all installation, operation and maintenance services, as well as manpower and labor issues for our plants. This enables you to focus on your core business - mining.

Scalable to Fit Your Needs

APR Energy's modular, turnkey power plants can scale from 2MW to 50MW or more, meeting the growing power needs of a mining operation throughout the exploration to development to full production lifecycle.

Get Power Fast

Our modular power plants are custom designed for rapid deployment anywhere in the world. Through our proprietary installation process, we can begin to deliver in 30 to 90 days - much faster than the 3-5 years required to finance, construct and commission a permanent plant.

APR Energy Mining Projects

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