December 19, 2018

Smart Solutions for Reliable Data Center Power

Today, nearly every aspect of business relies on technology – and a lot of it. As technology consumption increases, so does the need for reliable power. But, if the power capacity doesn’t exist, reliability can be jeopardized due to stressed grids.

For businesses like data centers, power is a huge component to their profitability. In fact, a single power outage could lead to millions of dollars lost.

According to an article in Forbes, millions of data centers around the world use an astronomical 416 Terawatt hours of electricity each year to manage the 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created every day by individual and business uses. In fact, a large data center uses as much electricity as a small U.S. City.

How will this affect the future of power consumption? It’s estimated that by 2025, data centers will account for one fifth of global electricity consumption. Data Economy reports that new alarming research suggests that data centers will be one of the biggest energy consumers on the planet, beating many countries’ energy consumption levels. At the rate in which technology is progressing and data centers are growing, there’s a concern about how traditional power plants can keep up with the demand and how their consumption will affect the environment.

Since technology shows no signs of slowing down, it’s critical for data centers to adopt innovative energy solutions that not only keep their business up and running, but that also reduces their carbon footprint while simultaneously improving their bottom line.

Up until now, the go-to solution for powering data centers has been connecting to local grids and diesel generators, but at APR Energy, we can accomplish the same level of power security both cheaper and more efficiently. Our Gas Power modules and Mobile Gas Turbine solutions provide an alternative to the traditional diesel option that’s fast, flexible and incredibly reliable.

Better doesn’t mean bigger. APR Energy strives to provide powerful energy solutions in compact formats. A modular plant using our compact, power-dense turbines requires approximately one-third of the space needed for an equivalent-output diesel reciprocating engine plant, making our turbine solution a perfect fit for customers with space constraints.

The Power of Natural Gas

With rapidly increasing power generation demand from data centers to keep pace with a digital economy, concerns have been raised over environmental impact. Industries are continuing to come under increasing scrutiny on how they respond to climate change.

Natural Gas fired power is a strong, reliable energy source for primary power needs and emergency backup power. Running on gas decreases needed space, emissions, and cost while increasing efficiency and uptime – perfect for data centers that cannot afford power loss or downtime.

As power demands increase, power grids become stressed. APR’s Energy aeroderivative gas turbine solution and gas-power module solution provide cost-effective, emission-friendly alternatives to the instability of stressed grids.

APR Energy’s Aeroderivative Gas Turbines are robust and efficient enough to be used long-term. This fuel-flexible, aeroderivative technology is based on technology used in permanent power plants around the world. Turbines can be installed quickly, integrate into existing plant infrastructure, and can be easily scaled or removed as needed. If a more permanent solution is needed, APR Energy can work with its partner GE to help deliver a variety of larger-scale, higher-speed turbine options.

APR Energy’s Gas Power Module is a highly-efficient energy alternative for supporting fast-track power generation. Using a compact, four-stroke-cycle CAT® G3516C low-emission gas engine, it can support a wide range of utility and industrial power generation applications within the most extreme and demanding conditions. The engine combines durability with minimal weight, while providing exceptional dependability, economy and power density while the fuel system is designed for maximum performance on low pressure pipeline natural gas.

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