Genset Benefits

Reliable and Fuel Efficient

APR Energy’s diesel and gas power modules feature the latest reciprocating engine technology from CAT®, one of the most trusted brands in the industry. For prime power generation applications, the units provide superior efficiency over comparable engine-generator combinations. This results in significant fuel savings over the life of the project, as well as improved frequency and voltage stability.

Modular, scalable design

The generation equipment is housed within a standard ISO 12.2m (40’) container, enabling APR Energy to easily use all modes of transport. The package design features minimal interfaces to ensure rapid installation and commissioning anywhere in the world. Our units can be combined into scalable 5.5MW blocks to facilitate rapid installation to 300MW or more.

Robust construction

Our diesel and gas power modules support a wide range of utility and industrial power generation applications. The engines combine durability with minimal weight while providing dependability and economy including a fuel system capable of operating on a variety of fuels. For the gas power module, the fuel system is designed for maximum performance on low pressure pipeline natural gas with a methane number range of 55–100.

Automatic or manual paralleling

The use of utility paralleling switchgear with our power modules allows for automatic or manual paralleling with the customer’s electrical system.

Automatic loading control

Our power modules have an automatic load management system for utility base load, soft loading/unloading, power factor or VAR control, and voltage support when operating in utility mode.

Local or remote operation

Our power module advanced control systems allow for automatic operation, initiated locally or remotely by a SCADA system. On-going engine data logging is an important element of the control system that defines the scheduling of onsite maintenance activities. It also offers island-mode paralleling with other power modules, as well as stand-alone operation with local or remote starting, synchronizing and power control.

Low emissions

With local environmental impact becoming an increasingly important consideration, our power modules are all configured for low emissions. The Diesel Power Module also delivers market leading exhaust emissions performance.