APR Energy has installed and operated more than 1GW of large-scale, fast-track plants for utilities, mines and other industrial customers in the Asia Pacific region, including major projects in Australia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Japan, Myanmar, New Caledonia and Sri Lanka.

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Myanmar - 102MW | Site Aerial View

Myanmar - 102MW | Fast-Track Installation

Australia - 100MW | Site Aerial View

Australia - 75MW | Site Aerial View

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Japan (TEPCO)

Japan Hitachinaka Power Plant | APR Energy

Over 200MW of rapidly delivered emergency power following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, supporting rebuilding and disaster recovery.

Australia (Horizon Power)

Mobile Turbine Generator Bridging Power in Australia

Mobile turbine project delivered 100MW of reliable, emissions-friendly bridging power in extreme conditions.

Myanmar (MEPE)


Gas power module solution producing 102MW of electricity and serving over six million people.

Australia (Hydro Tasmania)

Tasmania Power Plant | APR Energy

Three-turbine emergency power solution following prolonged hydro shortage and faulty undersea cable.

Indonesia (PLN)

Indonesia Medan Power Plant | APR Energy

130MW fast-track power solution using state-of-the-art, fuel-efficient diesel power modules.