Fast Power Applications

APR Energy’s fast-track, turnkey power solutions are flexible enough to fit a wide range of applications and operating regimes, tailored to our customers’ requirements.

Efficiency Enhancement

As power infrastructure ages, plants are rapidly becoming inefficient and non-compliant with emission regulations. Relying on outdated and unreliable assets is no longer an alternative for many utility providers and grid operators. APR Energy enables customers to upgrade their aging power generation infrastructure with newer, more efficient technology in a quick, smart and effective way. Our approach utilizes the latest gas turbine technology to help utilities and private companies optimize operations, improve reliability, secure significant fuel cost savings and minimize emission levels. For more information, click here.

Efficiency Enhancement

Grid Stability and Support

APR Energy’s grid optimization and stabilization projects help customers operate more efficiently and ultimately enable a more reliable, secure supply of energy. The quick-start capabilities and power density of our mobile turbines make them an ideal solution for grid stability and a source of spinning reserves in the event of unexpected grid failure. Our grid optimization projects – using mobile turbines or our smaller reciprocating engines – include a customized combination of MWs / MVA / MVAR based on the customer’s specifications. Our customers have found that these grid optimization and stabilization projects improve the efficiency of their substation and electrical networks, often by 20% - 30%.

Grid Stability and Support

Bridging Power

There’s no need to be without critical power for months or even years while new facilities are being constructed, are being replaced or upgraded with newer technologies, or are undergoing maintenance. With APR Energy’s bridging power solutions, customers can access reliable and affordable power fast, minimizing interruption or delay of electricity supply while permanent facilities come online. As part of our turnkey approach, we can even provide customers with the full long-term generation solution, using a combination of temporary and permanent technologies to deliver efficient power quickly, while keeping costs low through a levelized pricing approach.

Mobile Turbine Generator Bridging Power in Australia

Traditional Power Generation

With a portfolio of large-scale power projects on five continents and partnerships with leading technology providers in the global power industry, APR Energy can deliver long-term generating capacity using simple-cycle or combined-cycle power plants fueled by natural gas, diesel, LNG and LPG. By working with APR Energy, customers don’t have to wait the typical 2-5 years to build and commission a traditional power plant, since our mobile generating technology can provide reliable and affordable bridging power in parallel with permanent plant construction.

Aerial view of a long-term power plant site using modular technology

Distributed Generation

In scenarios where the delivery of electricity to a city or region is restricted by inadequate or inefficient transmission lines, a utility company may allocate generation closer the communities served to avoid shortages and blackouts. The flexible, scalable and turnkey nature of APR Energy’s solutions make them a great fit for distributed power needs, for both large communities and small. Our electricity can be injected either directly into the local medium voltage distribution network or the main high voltage grid, and can help improve the overall efficiency of the customer’s electrical system by supplying reactive power (MVARs).

Angola Rocha Pinto Power Plant | APR Energy

Emergency Power

Whether it is urgent power needed in Japan following a tsunami, a faulty undersea transmission cable in Australia, or critical power needed in Cyprus following a power plant fire, APR Energy has delivered power fast to our customers, on-time, when they need it most. Emergencies can be driven by natural disaster, power plant failure, transmission interruption, weather phenomenon, or some other unforeseen catastrophe. Using modular design, mobile technology, proprietary building systems and on-hand inventory, APR Energy’s fast-track solutions have been the go-to solution customers depend on when they need large-scale power fast.

Japan Hitachinaka Power Plant | APR Energy