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Everything we do is about speed and flexibility. We work with our customers every step of the way to deliver hassle-free power solutions quickly, at the most cost-effective kilowatt possible. Our customers’ success is vital to our prosperity, and we build strong partnerships through our commitment to operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

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A key APR Energy advantage is that we build, own and operate our own turnkey power plants, typically selling customers kilowatts through fixed and variable pricing. This provides our customers a straight-forward approach to getting reliable electricity fast, while freeing them to focus on their core business. Our power solutions are provided either on an interim or long-term basis, and are used for many applications ranging from supplemental baseload capacity and seasonal peaking power to distributed generation and dedicated industrial power.


We custom design our power plants to meet the unique site and operating requirements of each customer. This includes an extensive pre-installation and post-commissioning Project Specific Engineering Review, as well as detailed Electrical and Mechanical Design packages. This attention to engineering detail and system compatibility ensures that the power plant, its interconnection point, and the ultimate quality of the delivered electricity meet customers’ expectations.


APR Energy offers different contract options depending on the term and type of solution. Most shorter-term contracts include a fixed-rate capacity charge plus a variable rate for electricity dispatched. These typically run between six to 36 months, and can extend as the customer needs the power. At the end of the project, the modular plant is demobilized and shipped to other projects.

For longer-term contracts, we typically offer Power Purchase Agreements, which can run for several years and may involve more permanent or semi-permanent equipment and plant infrastructure. In certain cases, we may be able to provide a turnkey plant on a lease-to-own or BOOT (Build, Own, Operate, Transfer) arrangement.

A unique offering we provide is a Bridge-to-Permanent power solution, where we use an interim solution to get you the electricity you need fast while we deliver and commission permanent, more-efficient generation. In this scenario, we can provide either levelized or tiered pricing to meet your requirements or preferences.


While many of our projects are won during an open and competitive tender process, customers may also approach us directly to request a customized proposal tailored to their needs. Our commercial team is located conveniently across all our key markets, and stands ready to assist with your power inquiries.


We typically handle all aspects of a project’s management and operation, from A to Z. This includes engineering and design, project planning, logistics, permitting, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance, security and fuel management, as well as remote control, monitoring and diagnostics. For interim projects, we provide decommissioning upon completion of a contract. In addition to this broad range of services, our full turnkey power solutions include a comprehensive Plant Systems offering designed for each customer’s site and requirements.


Throughout each project, our highly trained engineers and support staff provide customers with around-the-clock service to ensure an uninterrupted supply of power. We combine world-class consulting services with leading-edge technology to ensure the solution perfectly matches the customer need and then delivers to expectations. Through our advanced remote control, monitoring and diagnostics technology, we can track and optimize performance real-time, and keep our equipment running efficiently. Our commitment is to deliver reliable, affordable power to our customers, and we back up that promise with performance guarantees in our contracts.