Our Strategy

APR Energy's vision is to be the leading provider of large-scale, rapidly deployed power. We do this by providing cost-efficient reliable electricity, on a fast-track basis, when and where our customers need it. We leverage state-of-the-art technology and industry-leading expertise to provide fuel-efficient turnkey power plants that are rapidly deployed, while providing customers with maximum flexibility in terms of scale, fuel type, voltage, technology and term.

With a proven record of success and the capacity to handle power projects regardless of size or duration around the globe, we are confident in our ability to achieve our vision. We build upon our legacy of trusted expertise, leading-edge technology and rapid deployment by carefully executing our strategy for growth – the success of which we measure against our three core corporate objectives:

  • Grow long-term shareholder value
  • Help our customers and their communities grow
  • Grow our people and our capabilities

Our Strategic Focus Areas:

  1. Drive sustained growth
    APR Energy’s core corporate objectives share a common thread in a focus on facilitating growth. Our ability to accomplish each objective is predicated on grow the business in a consistent and sustainable manner, while providing customers with full-service power generation, when and where they need it, for as long as they need it. Sustained growth requires that we effectively deploy capital to expand our fleet, develop new projects and grow our global footprint – driving revenue, cash flow and long-term shareholder value.
  2. Generate customer value
    Ours is a business built and grown through strong relationships. As such, as strategic focus every day is to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty to generate new, continued and expanded business opportunities, understanding that customer value leads to shareholder value. We are in business to provide customers with flexible turnkey solutions that are customised to their needs through a broad range of innovative technologies and offerings.
  3. Deliver operational excellence
    The company’s delivery of consistent business results and reliable, cost-effective power generation is rooted in our ability to optimise speed, cost and quality to provide value to both our customers and shareholders. The cornerstones to this strategy, which enable us to improve margins and maximise returns, are speed of execution, technology leadership, scalable global systems and operations.
  4. Develop world-class infrastructure, organisation and skills
    The final strategic focus for our company is maintaining and growing a well-trained, highly motivated workforce, located within our priority regions and aligned with our strategic growth objectives. We are committed to driving our strong core values throughout the organisation, while supporting skill development and job satisfaction. We also adopt global systems and processes that help our people be successful, efficient and accountable.