Fuel Efficiency

When it comes to power generation, fuel represents one of the highest operating costs, which is why APR Energy has placed a heavy focus on fuel efficiency. With the youngest, most advanced fleet in the industry, APR Energy is uniquely positioned to utilize the most fuel-efficient technology available in the fast-track power market today, thereby helping you reduce the overall total cost of your power project. As the price and volatility of fuel continues to rise, so will the need for more fuel-efficient solutions. To meet this demand, APR Energy continues to invest in leading-edge technology and innovative engineering that help you operate more profitably and efficiently, without sacrificing on emissions control.

The Most Efficient Fleet in the Industry

At APR Energy, our fleet of diesel and gas power modules and gas turbines combine advanced engine technology with our own proprietary processes and modifications to provide customers with cleaner and more fuel-efficient solutions. As an example, under normal conditions, a 30MW block of our newest diesel power modules operating at base load can generate, on average, over US$480,000 per month in fuel savings versus our leading competitor’s standard fleet.*

Delivering World-Class Fuel Efficiency

As fuel efficiency rates can vary depending on factors like temperature, altitude, and fuel quality, APR Energy's engineering and plant operations teams conduct ongoing reviews of our operations and perform fuel efficiency calculations. By taking readings of fuel burned throughout a 24-hour period and then comparing those numbers to the amount of energy produced, we are able to provide an accurate forecast of fuel savings throughout the life of a project and make necessary adjustments to further boost the efficiency of our equipment.

*Based on diesel fuel pricing of $1.50/liter