At APR Energy, we continuously strive to find new ways to lower our emissions footprint. Given the young age of our fleet and its flexibility in terms of technology and fuel-type, we are able to provide some of the cleanest solutions available in the fast-track, temporary power market today. All our equipment is designed to comply with emissions standards set forth by The World Bank. We apply advanced mitigation techniques where more stringent emissions levels are required for local markets. Our generating equipment is controlled by state-of-the-art electronic engine and generator management systems, which are automated to increase flexibility and decrease emissions levels. This means no matter where our clients need us, we can deliver optimized emissions solutions tailored for each application.

Natural Gas

A key part of our strategy towards emissions control is our focus on natural gas. APR Energy is well positioned to help you take advantage of this cleaner, readily available fuel source through our offering of gas power modules, using natural gas reciprocating-engine technology, and next-generation mobile gas turbines. Both of these technologies offer customers a cleaner, more cost-effective, and lower impact alternative to diesel-fueled generators. Natural gas is one of the cleanest, safest, and most useful of all non-renewable energy sources, and compared to diesel, a natural gas-fired generator produces significantly lower amounts of harmful emissions, including nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, carbon monoxide, and other toxic pollutants.


For those customers requiring a diesel solution, APR Energy’s diesel power modules are the market leader in terms of lowest overall emissions contribution. By way of example, the average diesel truck produces more emissions (in the form of nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, and particulate matter) than one of our diesel power modules.