Custom Design and configuration of turnkey power plants, fast-track mobilization temporary interim power plant

Customized Design

APR Energy builds customized solutions to accommodate your specific requirements respective to application, scale, generation technology preference, fuel type, voltage range, and configuration needed to fit a given site.



APR Energy's turnkey plants are highly scalable. Our projects typically range from 20MW to over 400MW, and can be configured to meet our customers' unique requirements. The design of the APR Energy power solution has been developed to enable fast-track mobilization and installation, while ensuring performance that operationally meets all guaranteed availability and efficiency requirements throughout the life of a project. For a solution using diesel or natural gas power modules, we typically provide capacity in 6MW repeatable blocks, using a flexible, modular configuration. For a gas turbine solution, we configure plants in 20-25MW increments, depending on the environmental conditions of the site.

Customized Approach

APR Energy completes an extensive pre-installation and post-commissioning Project Specific Engineering Review and can provide detailed Electrical and Mechanical Design Packages to each customer. This attention to engineering detail and system compatibility ensures that the power plant, its interconnection point, and the ultimate quality of the delivered electricity meet customers' expectations.

Flexible Technology

APR Energy offers customers the broadest choice of power generation technologies in the market, including diesel and natural gas power modules, as well as mobile gas turbines. This choice allows us to match your specific requirements related to fuel type, voltage range, power generation technology, scale, and power density. With our gas turbines, we provide the added flexibility of being able to switch seamlessly between natural gas and diesel fuel as needed by the customer.