Balance of Plant

As part of our full turnkey power solution, APR Energy provides a comprehensive Balance of Plant offering that is tailored to each site and to each customer's unique requirements. From transmission technology to remote monitoring capabilities, the ancillary equipment we provide plays a critical role in maximizing power delivery to our clients while minimizing downtime and operating costs. To assess full requirements of each site, APR Energy's project engineers and technical experts work closely with the customer and local entities to conduct site analysis and evaluation, considering factors such as space availability, preferred fuel type, altitude, climate, and delivery voltage.

Within our turnkey solution, Balance of Plant and ancillary equipment offerings may include:

  • Design and commissioning of substations, transformers and other electrical infrastructure.
          -   Single phase transformer banks with N+1 redundancy
          -   Multiple delivery voltages from 10kV to 138kV and beyond
  • Fuel storage, offloading, transfer, quality management, and efficiency monitoring
  • Deployment of all necessary supporting infrastructure including mobile offices, mobile maintenance containers, mobile housing, water, power, and climate control
  • Security perimeter with CCTV and security personnel
  • Remote monitoring capabilities, including oil temperature, coolant temperature, turbo temperature, fuel levels, power relays, and grid information
  • Remote switching between grid mode or island mode